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Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 101

Oct / Nov / Dec 2021


From the desk of Carl Rantzow







  We will be doing winterizations between Oct 4 and Nov 5 this year.  Diane has been contacting customers and setting up appointments.  If you know you need to meet us on site, to do the winterization, and have not gotten an appointment set up, please contact us.

   We don’t need to schedule an exact time if it’s a commercial property, since we normally have full access to all the componants during normal business hours.  A few of our residential porperties don’t require a meeting either, if we can access everything from outside.



           Rising Cost of Labor


  2021 has been a really challenging  year for finding labor in Spokane.

     Our economy in Spokane seems to be booming right now. Lots of construction, Amazon is hiring over

1000 people for their new warehouse in Spokane Valley.  On top of that, there were people opting out of the labor market, due to enhanced unemployment checks.

  It’s running up the cost of attracting new labor as well as the cost of keeping our existing employees.  Our costs have gone up dramatically this year, and we will probably need to raise prices next season.



          Winter Reminders


  When we start to get our first nights of cold weather, remember to unhook your hoses from your hose bibs.  Even if it’s a frost free faucet, it can be damaged, if water is trapped in there.    

   Outdoor faucets that are not frost free, will need to be shut off in the house and faucets drained.

  Later in the season when we start getting snow, keep an eye on your shrubs and small trees.  A lot of damage can be avoided if snow is knocked off low branches, especially after big storms.



     Maintenance Agreements                    



   Thank you for using Selkirk Landscape Services this year.  InJanuary, we will be mailing out Maintenance Agreements for 2022.

    We will list all the services that we proformed for you in 2021 along with updated prices.  We request a returned signed copy on all commercial properties.  For residential properties we don’t. If you want to make any changes to your program, please let us know by February 10th.


         Insect Treatments


We offer 2 treatments to help control insects.  The first one is Dormant oil.  Its is applied early in the spring to shrubs and small trees.  It kills eggs that overwinter, by smothering them with a thin coat of oil.

  The other is Imidacloprid. We inject or drench the roots in the spring.  This product is picked up by the roots and is moved up into the canopy systemically.  

Thank you for choosing Selkirk Landscape Services!












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