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      Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 94

April / May 2020


From the desk of Carl Rantzow







  A many of you are aware, on March 31st Governor Inslee sent out a guidance bulletin for services that are considered essential in the state of Washington.


  With this new directive we are doing some spraying and limited sprinkler startups. This being said, we are holding off on weekly mowing and renovation projects until further clarification is released from the Governor. 


  Currently, we are doing sprinkler startups at commercial facilities.  We are running the zones, making repairs, then turning the timer off before we leave.  We will be back later, when things dry out to turn them back on.


  Selkirk is doing its part when it comes to slowing the spread of Corona Virus.  We are taking precautions at our shop like sanitizing door handles, faucets, equipment, light switches, microwave, counter tops, hoses, tool boxes.  On top of this we are staggering our start times at the beginning of the day to limit contact with each other at the shop. 


  We are aware that by working outdoors and having no customer contact, were probably not at a high risk of spreading the Virus. At the same time, we want to make sure we are working in accordance with the rules and doing our part to flatten the curve.  Things are changing daily and we will be adding services as we are allowed.


  The good news is, that this will pass. At some point we will be hearing news of recovery, and normal life returning.

We appreciate your understanding and patience through this dynamic situation.  Keep us posted on how you are doing, and let us know how we can help.





      Great Perennials for Your  




                        Karl Foerster grass. 


  Perennials are the perfect plant for many landscapes.  They are a good solution in smaller beds where shrubs

would get too big.  They dress up high visbility areas, like around entryways and along walkways.  They can be used


Stella d’ Oro Day Lilly


along with shrubs in larger beds to add intrest, provide a more natural look, and add color.


  Maintainig perennials is usually very simple.  It’s a matter of providing good soil, adiquate water, a litte fertilizer once a year, and cutting them down to ground level in the fall.









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