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   Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 97

Oct / Nov / Dec 2020


From the desk of Carl Rantzow




    Sprinkler Winterization



   With the cooler temperatures, and shorter days of fall, its time to winterize sprinkler systems.  Soon we will have low temperatures touching the freezing mark.  This year we will have the compressor throughout the entire month of Oct and into early November.

We will be working on the South Hill on Oct 1, 2, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21 and Nov 2.  Winterizing in the Valley on   Oct 12, 13, 14, 27, 28, 29, 30.  North Side on Oct 7, 8, 22, 23 and in the Central area of town on Oct 15, 16.


   If you are a homeowner, please contact us and set up an appointment.  If we winterized your system last year, we will also try to contact you as well.  The best times to contact us are usually early and late in the day.


   Businesses don’t need a pre scheduled appointment, since we usually have access to the shut off and controller, during the day. 


   Some homes can be winterized without an appointment too, if the homeowner turns off their own water supply and controller.  This can save you time, and give us more flexibility, but not all homes are set up this way.


   We like to have a 2-hour window for our appointment but if you need an exact time, let us know. We will do everything we can to make it.


   When we arrive, we will shut the water to your sprinkler system off, hook up the compressor, and blow the water out of each zone, using your controller to advance it.  When the customer is not home, we turn each valve on manually from outside, if we can locate them.  Sometimes valve boxes are buried under bark, leaves or even snow.


   Most systems require us to blow water back to a drain inside the house.

   Will will be doing most of the sprinkler winterizations this year.  If you have not met Will yet, you will find him very knowledgeable.  He has 20 years of experience in the irrigation industry and has a lot of great experience to fall back on.





                     Cost of Labor Rising


  Earlier this year, we did some hiring, like every spring.  I ran an ad, and had my pen and paper ready.  I knew that with Covid, and all the folks off work, that this was going to be easy.  The phone will be ringing off the hook.


  Not so…


  Much to my surprise, the phone barely rang at all.  I still don’t completely understand it, but there were, and still are probably a few factors contributing to the labor shortage.  First of all, there were probably some folks collecting a nice fat unemployment.



check, so not so motivated to go back to work.  There were probably some that didn’t want to risk the Covid thing. But I think the biggest thing is, our economy is still kicking.  In fact, it seems like there was barely a hiccup.


 That all means that we are raising wages to keep and attract labor.


  It will be interesting to see what the future brings, but for now, we will probably be seeing labor on the rise for a while.




        Maintenance Agreements



This winter we will be job costing all of our contracts.  We look at the time it took to complete each individual job over this entire year, and compare it to the amount we are charging.  I am anticipating a 3 or 4 percent increase.  We job cost every other year and only do price increases (and occasionally decreases) at that time.  Basically, this allows us to keep up with inflation and at the same time make sure we are charging you the right price.



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