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Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 90

April / May 2019


From the desk of Carl Rantzow




Shrub Pruning


   Spring is a great time to prune shrubs.  Pruning is required to control growth, optimize the appearance, and keep shrubs healthy.


   The way we approach shrub pruning depends on the customers requests, the type of shrubs we are pruning, and the amount of time we have budgeted for the job.   Sheering is usually the most cost effective.  Hand pruning takes more time and expertise, but can produce better results.  Most jobs require a little of both methods.

    For example, something like a Boxwood is normally planted for a formal look.  These are the small evergreen hedges you would see bordering an English garden.  Boxwood would almost always be sheered.  That provides a great contrast to a natural looking perennial or annual garden.

Something like a Vine Maple has a great tall, open form. This would always be hand pruned.


    Some plants, depending on the pruning budget, and the customer’s request, can be pruned either way, or using a combination of the two.  Junipers and Burning Bushes fall into this category.   They can have more of a natural look if hand pruned, or more formal look if sheered.  Sometimes we do a combination of the two, sheering it first, then reaching in and removing problem branchs.  We always like to keep the shrub open enough to reach in and pull out debris.


    Keeping shrubs cleaned out makes them look better and discourages insects by reducing harborage.   This is included in our Bed Maintenance Service and may be one of the reasons we use so little insecticide on our properties. 


    Other priorities in shrub pruning are to remove dead branches, remove branches that are crossing center and remove branches that detract from its appearance.  Proper pruning can improve the appearance, control size, and keep your shrubs healthy for a long time. 




Sprinkler Startup’s



   We certainly don’t have a moisture problem now, but before we know it, the dry season will be on us.  We start thinking about sprinkler systems this time of year.  Our trucks are stocked with parts, serviced, and ready go.


   Brian & Ty will begin doing repairs on

some of our larger systems right away. We won’t actually start them running till later, but we will charge the systems, make repairs to the zones, so that we can come back later and turn



on the system quickly when it starts warming up.  Most systems won’t need

to be running for another month.


   Ty has been helping Brian for a few years now and is doing more and more repairs.  He really enjoys the troubleshooting and problem-solving aspect of it.  He is very creative and we are lucky to have him around.






   We are starting mowing a little later than normal due to the late snow in February and Early March.  We will be keeping an eye on the grass.  Probably starting on the valley floor around Apr 8 and south hill Apr 15.



  Thank you for choosing Selkirk Landscape Services!!

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