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Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 89

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018


From the desk of Carl Rantzow



   Sprinkler Winterization


Wow, where did the summer go?  Its that time of year again.  We will be doing sprinkler winterizations from Oct 1st thorough Oct 27.  Brian or Ty will contact you if access is needed to your main shut off valve or timer.


Most business can be done during office hours and don’t require an appointment.  Even some homes can be done without an appointment if the water shut off is located outside in a man hole if the home owner shuts off his own valve and controller.


All systems need to be winterized.  Our ground in Spokane always freezes and the sprinkler lines and heads will crack if the water inside freezes and expands.


Almost all are blown out with compressed air from a large compressor that is pulled behind a truck.  Its not so much the pressure that is needed, but the volume of air to get all the water out.


There are a few systems that were designed to simply be drained out but it is rare.





    Have You Seen This Plant?


It’s on the loose!  It’s been spotted growing up the side of buildings, along gutters, even along power lines! Actually, it’s a pretty common vine in Spokane.


Something I just recently found out about Virginia Creeper   Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is that according to the USDA, the berries are highly toxic to humans. Apparently not a problem to animals but could be with kids.



Snow Removal


If you need snow removal for your sidewalks, please let me know.  We are getting a lot of our regular winter maintenance agreements back and we will be setting up our routes soon.


We recently invested in a specialized piece of equipment for sidewalks.  There are only a few of them in our area.  This is a small tractor that articulates in the center, to work in tight areas.  It’s still large enough though, that we would only use on very large properties.



It has a large broom on the front, like a street sweeper, that should clear the snow right down to bare concrete.  The broom can be swapped out for a plow on days with heavier snow.


We are hoping that we can get our large properties done much faster, and maybe, a little less strain on Paul too.



Out of Town


Still a long way out, but Carl plans to be out of town for a few weeks starting Feb 6th to do some climbing with his daughter.  Paul or Brian will be close to the phones if you need anything.  Diane will also be in the office from time to time.


Maintenance agreements for 2019 will get to you a little earlier this winter, so I can help you with any questions or changes before I leave.


Thank you for choosing Selkirk Landscape Services.

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