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Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter  Volume 93

Oct / Nov / Dec 2019




Sprinkler Winterization



Brian Hord has been with Selkirk for the past 22 years! Brian is retiring from Selkirk this month.  We would like to wish Brian and his family a happy retirement.  He will be missed greatly.


Ty has been helping Brian since he announced his retirement 2 years ago.  He will be taking over, full time, for all of Brian’s duty’s.


We can winterize most businesses without scheduling an appointment since there is usually someone there, and we have access to the main shutoff and the timer.


On residential properties, the main valve and controller can be turned off by the customer or by us.  If we are turning it off, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you. 


If you shut it off, we can do it all from outside.  This can save our customer from having to take time off work, and allows us flexibility in our schedule to do the blow out.  When the customer shuts off the water, we blow out the lines by running each zone manually from the valve boxes.




Bed Maintenance & Turf Application Reports



When ever we do a bed maintenance service or turf application, we always either leave a report on the door, or mail it to you.  These reports have valuable information about what was done, when it was done and what products were used.


There are also areas for the technicians to add notes about any problems he found while doing the service.   These can let you know of any issues with your plants, watering schedules or whether it’s time to add bark to your beds.


It’s all a way to communicate better with you, and enhance the health and beauty of your landscape.



   Bed Maintenance Services


Maintaining your beds can be handled a couple different ways.


Selkirk offers 2 choices.  The Bed Maintenance Program and Spot Treatments.  The Bed Maintenance Program is a more detailed and ecological approach.  We schedule 4 services per year.


 Each visit, we cleanup the beds, keep the mulch roughed up or cultivated to give it a fresh appearance, pull large weeds, spray small weeds, spray cracks in all the sidewalks, blow off walks, fertilize plants when needed, apply slug bait when needed, inspect plants for

any insect or disease problems and leave you a report.


Spot treatments are a more economical approach where we just treat the weeds without any detail work or monitoring.  This service is also offered 4 time per season along with an additional pre emergence treatment in the beginning of the year.




Landscape Maintenance Services 2020


We will be sending out maintenance agreements for your regular services in January.  If you would like yours earlier, let us know, we will get one out to you.



Thank you for another great season, and thank you for choosing Selkirk Landscape Services!!

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