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Selkirk's Bi-Monthly Newsletter:  Volume 92

Aug / Sept 2019


From the desk of Carl Rantzow





         Paul Dice




Paul has been with Selkirk for 18 years.


He started out here when he was 17 years old.  Since then he has done almost every service Selkirk has to offer.


He started out on a mow crew, moved to crew leader. He got his pesticide license for weed control in 2003 and has been doing most of the pruning and bed maintenance since.  He knows his plants and knows how to prune and maintain each one of them.  He is hard working and always keeps his eye on the big picture.


Paul also has done quite a bit of equipment repair.  He does a lot of the servicing on our mowers and trucks in the winter time, between snow storms.


For the past year or so, he has been helping with daily scheduling, answering phone calls and making work orders.  Basically, Paul is becoming an assistant manager, which helps keep my customers and employees needs covered.


If you see Paul, give him a wave and know your in capable hands if he is helping you out.







Potentilla is one of the “A list” shrubs for Spokane.  It is a deciduous shrub, has light green foulage and usually has yellow flowers. There are also cultivars with pink or white flowers. You probably have some of this in your yard or have seen it while driving around your neighborhood.




 It takes sheering well, for regular maintenance but it’s a shrub that you can literally prune all the way down to the ground, once in a while, to renovate it. 


When this is done, the shrub will send up new shoots and you will basically have a new shrub again.  You will need to give it only light pruning for the next few years, and it will mostly keep a natural shape.



Like most shrubs that have multi-stems, it helps to reach in after

sheering it, and prune out some of the largest and oldest branches.  This will keep it thinned out, giving it a more natural look.


Potentilla rarely has insect or disease problems.  It works best in full or partial sun.  It looks good on its own, or clumped with several others.  It grows fast, but with the right pruning strategy, it can be kept fairly low maintenance, and be a great addition to your landscape.



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